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By Air:
Numerous international companies of transport offer service to Airport the International of Bali Ngurah RAI or directly or via Yakarta. The internal airlines operate flights established from several cities within Indonesia.

By Earth:
Bali is connected to Java by regular service of ferry that operates between Gilimanuk and Banyuwangi. If you are going to take a train or a nocturnal bus from Yakarta, Bandung or Yogyakarta, travels first a Surabaya for connection a Banyuwangi. The buses can be approached in Banyuwangi or Gilimanuk in order to continue soon it made the section final to Denpasar.

By Sea:
The line of passengers PELNI handled by the state operates weekly between Bali and Yakarta, Ujung Pandang and Balikpapan. Services of regular ferries sail between Lombok and Bali.

When arriving: if his hoteléfono does not have fixed a transport from the airport, it contracts a taxi in transport counter is located in front of the door of arrivals. tariffs are classified by destiny and the payments in advance. Also there are taxis measured in Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua and Denpasar.

To rent a car:
Whereas the public transport to reasonable prices in everything exists Bali, the best option for the travellers who look for comfort and flexibility is the rent of a car. There are vehicles with air prepared that includes jeeps, familiar light trucks and sedans that they can contract with or without driver. If it decides to handle same you a License is required the International To lead. Also it has temp registries to lead of the Police of Transit. majority of the transit signals is respected although it curved always they are not signalized. Remember to lead on the left and to exceed only on the right. To double to the left in a red light it is allowed only when it is indicated. Pay attention to pedestrians, motocicicletas, lost pockets, hens and dogs (and render special attention to the rear view mirrors). If to fight with chaotic and sometimes usually tormenting highways of Bali it is not for you you can you contract a conductor. He is not expensive and in addition they know the way generally.

It stops simple taximeters, cars with driver and cars of luxury, can to make reserves to (361) the 701111.

Ver Bali in motorcycle is a romantic option and carefree whenever you handle with care. The law forces a to use helmets to the conductor and the companion, besides to count on an appropriate license. To walk in motorcycle is not recommendable (nor particularly placentero) in the humid station.

They offer tours in buses and daily excursions in cars with conditioned air or mini-go in majority of the travel agencies. The collective public do regular services by routes of all Bali from the Terminal Station of Denpasar, Ubung.

We see and Dokar:

We see (covered or mini-vans pickups) they are in regular service in short routes between towns. They do not have conditioned air and they can be crowded of people, but they are cheap. The tariffs vary according to the distances and are not recommended to fight the price. For a experience different, it travels in dokar traditional. These carts thrown by horses still exist in Kuta and Denpasar and the short trips no they cost nothing almost.

Source. Embassy of Indonesia in Spain




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