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Museum Gedong Kirtya, Singaraja

Thousands of old letters of Bali in chronicle form, kakawin (old balinesa poetry), they geguritan, and is written in the leaf of palm, stored in the original building that was constructed in 1928

Museum Negeri Propinsi Bali, Denpasar

Museum founded by Yayasan Bali, in the Museum of 8 of December of 1932, the archaeological article storage and a collection of ethnography.

Museum Puri Lukisan, Ubud

Founded by Rudolf Bonnet and Cokorda Gde Agung Sukawati. The development of works of art of style at the moment it was born by Toots Maha (1930). This museum has a collection of 150 paintings and 62 pieces of sculpture, nevertheless, has valuable a powerful one of the idea to leave aesthetic of the art and the culture to the following generation. This it is the first museum of the arts in Bali.

Museum Manusa Yadnya, Taman Ayun

Here it will find in detail the subjects that are connected with the process of the human life, from the maternal belly to the death.

Museum taekwondo, Tabanan

Like regency of to be known like the one Bali “ceramic rice house ", it is no wonder taekwondo is a Museum. By assumption, the collection is of the subjects that have a relation with the agricultural world, specially in the irrigation system, that is very typical in Bali, call taekwondo.

Museum LE Mayeur, Sanur

A commemorative museum that to immortalize the memory of a pair of lovers called Him Mayeur and Nor Polok. All the collections of paintings Him Mayeur.

Museum Gedong Coffer, Gianyar

This museum is located in the Bedulu Village. The collection it composes of archaeological elements that reflect the history of cultural development of Bali.

Museum seni Lukis klasik, Klungkung

The proprietor of this museum, Nyoman Gunarsa, to exhibit its masterpiece works to complete the collection of the museum that documents the painting classic of Bali. The museum is located in Band village.

Museum Nyoman Rudana, Ubud

This museum of three plants in the village But, takes Tri Angga conception, that it is of three parts of the human body; The head, the body and legs. The collection will consist of some works of painters balinesa of the glory of Reino Klungkung until this same day.

Museum Neka, Ubud

This museum of beautiful arts of Intendance of the Kamasan style of century 16 until the modern painting in century 20. All the collection it is exhibited chronological, so that he is able to describe work development of art of Bali historically, from the pluses old until the moment the influence of the foreign arts that they enrich the art balinés.

Museum Agung RAI, Ubud

With the concept of “living museum”, the Museum Agung RAI it shows paintings and it presents/displays diverse stages art stage, is a place for they karawitan. The arts finished with the library of books and gallery, hotel, restaurant, cafeteria and store of coffee. Permanent in six hectares of earth, the museum provides special Ubud directly opinions, with trenches of the rice fields and that will pass a to comprise of the museum.

Museum Manusia Purba, Gilimanuk

Founded on 1990, the western end of the island of Bali. It began with observation archaeological R. P. Soejoeno Archaeological Service of Bali. In 1962 in Dukuh Cekik which esteem that approximately does 2000 years that a group lived on the society, from the age of stone of 200 years in the zone where is the museum.





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