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In Bali many exist temples spectacular, each one that his of unique character. Deal with to visit whichever temples can - it will not regret. And it remembers, always demonstrate respect and you vístase modestly when entering the temples.

Pure Uluwatu it is located precariously in the top of a ravine in South peninsula of the island. Located to about 45 minutes of Nusa Dusa. It is one of the most spectacular temples of the Island of Bali.

Pure Ulu Danau Bratan it is the most colorful temple in the island. Next to precious lake of he himself name.



Pura Kehen,  fue construido durante el siglo 11 en las terrazas, bajo un enorme árbol de higuera. Ubicado en la parte norte del pueblo de Bangli.



Pure Tegeh Koripan, located to the border of the mount Gunung Batur it is older temple of Bali.


Pure Bukit Dharma Durga The small village of Kutri is the home of the Pure one Bukit Dharma Durga Kutri. Located well in the route of a route of bus, this temple has fine sculptures of elephants that they guarded the outside of the door and the pigs in the inner door, over which is a splendid Bhoma


Pure Luhar Batakau pagoda of seven is a temple very beautiful garden with one floors.



Pure Sada, located town of Kapal.Data of the Majapahit dynasty in century XIV


Pure Panataran Sasih it is where is the well-known 'Moon of Pejeng.



Pure Goa Lawah. The temple of the cave of the bats. This located to the Southeastern of Bali.


Pure Taman Ayun it is a temple magnificent garden. The inner fence one is surrounded by a pit and a paved way from which the tourists they can see the complex of the temples




Others places


Celuk, to the north of Denpasar, it is the center of silver of Bali. This it is the place in order to find jewelry shop to good prices.

Denpasar, the capital of Bali. Denpasar means, to the north of the market. it finds a center of art, a museum, a colorful and cheap market in the street of Hauls commercial Sulawesi and several centers. In center of the city we found two markets: to pass Badung and to pass Kumbasari, where are crafts, basketwork, spices or fruits. In some streets we found distributed by unions, the jewelers in the Hasannudin street, the street Cajah Mada electronics stores and in the woven Sulawasi street.

Also are 3 nocturnal markets: the market of the bus-station of Kereneng, the market Malam Pekambinan and the one of the street Diponegoro.

Isla of Menjangan, in the end the west of Bali it is where one is national park of Bali Barat. The borders of the park are savannah opened, tropical jungle, and marsh of manglares. This it is a place perfect for diving. There are numerous hotels of quality

Sengeh Forest of Monkeys it is located near the town of Sangeh, to 20 kilometers north of Denpasar. Full forest of giant trees of nut moscada that can grow up to 40 meters of height. The attraction main they are the monkeys that live in the trees and the temple, Pure Bukit Sari.

WARNING. Attention in all moment, is habitual that the monkeys jump upon the tourists and they try to them to take the most luminous objects or flowers than take it raises

Bona one is between the city of Gianyar and Blahbatu and is the place where to buy furniture of bamboo to reasonable prices. They abound bamboo products. You can enjoy the fresh afternoons. Also it is known by its dances, specially the one of the fire, that can be seen in many hotels of the area.

Ubud it is a pretty mountain town, located in center of the island. It is known by its abundance art and nature. Located between rice fields in terraces and the mounts of the center of Bali, Ubud have a number of palaces and temples, museums and galleries of art and coffees and restaurants.

The museum Puri Lukisan is one introduction to the balinesa painting in all its styles.

Ubud Forest of monkeys it is a small natural reserve in the South zone of Ubud. Along with their green environs and the beautiful temple are very many monkeys.





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