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Bali she is one island of Indonesia.

Well-known like the Island of the Gods. This paradisíaca island, is famous by his elaborated temples and the cordiality of its people. Bordered beaches of palms. The island is filled with springs, dense jungles, towns with one wonderful culture.

One is located in a chain, with Java to the west and Lombok towards the east.

It is one of the most enriching places of the world. The island is a mixture only of exceptional culture, beautiful landscapes, tropical beaches, tropical climate and the lowest prices.

Bali is part of the Islands minors of Sonda, 145 km in length and 80 km wide, 3.2 km to this of Java. It is located approximately to eight degrees to the south of the line of Ecuador. Its surface is of 5,700 km ². The mountainous zone it extends from the center of the island towards his side this. The point more high of the island it is Monte Agung with 3,142 ms of height, a volcano in activity, that entered eruption for the last time in March of 1963.



Bali is tropical climate all the year old. The temperature annual average it is of 30 degrees Celsius. There are two stations; the one of rains and the drought. The drought goes of April to September and the one of rains it goes of October to March - but it can rain at any time of the year, although rain lasts little. In general, the best months to visit Bali are of May to August. During these months the climate is less hot and I rain less.

You can enjoy hotels charmers. Some of the best hotels of the world are in the Island of Bali.

Four seasons Resort Bali AT Sayan. One of the best hotels of the world.



Beaches of Bali are famous anywhere in the world, you can find all type of tropical beaches. If you are loving of the Surf and the sports aquatic, Bali will be an unforgettable place



Everything type of excursions is possible in Bali, like the exit to contemplate the sun putting and the temple of the monkeys, to mount to camel, to enjoy of the art, culture and gastronomy, visits guided the thousands of temples, to enter itself in the forest, etc…








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