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Bali is part of the smaller Islands of Sonda, 145 km in length and 80 km wide, 3.2 km to the east of Java. It is located approximately to eight degrees to the south of the line of Ecuador. Its surface is of 5,700 km ². The mountainous zone extends from the center of the island towards its side this. The point upper of the island is Monte Agung with 3,142 ms of height, a volcano in activity, that entered eruption for the last time in March of 1963.

Beach of Padangbai, in Bali.Las main cities is the port of Singaraja to the north and the capital, Denpasar, near the South coast. The town of Ubud (to the north of Denpasar), with its market of art, museums and galleries is known like the cultural center of Bali.

In the south it appears an alluvial plain, watered by deep rivers, little dry in the dry stations and flooded during periods of strong rains.

Its population of 3 million inhabitants is compound mainly of Hindu, but a very small portion is Muslim (the fishermen in the coast).

The main tourist points are the town of Kuta (along with its beach), Sanur, Jimbaran and the recent development of Nusa DUA. The international airport of Ngurah RAI is located near Jimbaran, on the isthmus that unites the South part of the island with its central part.

Lines of railroad in the island do not exist. Wagon that simultaneously wagon important coasts that they cross the island, of north to the south exist mainly.

The island is surrounded by chorale reefs. The beaches in the south are of white sand whereas those of the north they are of black sand.

Most of the inhabitants of Bali they are dedicated to agriculture, mainly to the rice culture. Other products are cultivated, like fruits and vegetables, although to a lesser extent. An important amount of balineses is also fishermen. Bali is also famous by its craftsmen, who produce fabrics and clothes batik and ikat, statures in wood and stone and objects of orfebrería.

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