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  Rafting it is the best way to take contact with the nature so wonderful of Bali. We are going to take to the mountainous town of Begawan in where one will provide all the equipment to them, soon we lowered slopes towards the spectacular one Ayung laughed. expresses of classes II AND III .EL Unda River it is a good place for rafting.

To mount a camel. Near Nusa Dusa it can make this activity. rewarding stroll to the backs of a camel.

Surf. I was worth is the paradise of the surfistas. For surferos with mean level a average stop, the waves are quite fast and with bottom of chorale of little depth, a wonder. The known waves more are in the peninsula of the Bukit in an extension of coast of less 10 kms.

If you want to know the atmosphere close by surfero of Bali, the ideal is alquilarte a house (are spectacular and they are of price) near the beach and coming out every day very well to surfear, that yes, with an instructor if you are not an expert


Aquatic park. Waterbom Park & Spa in Kuta. So that they enjoy from but the small ones to greater, activities for all the ages.



Bali Even Bird'sk. For the lovers of the nature, they can contemplate the most interesting species of the world in this park. One is an impressive collection of tropical birds. It even can enjoy of the Dragoon of komodo


Races of bulls. July and October are celebrated between. It is spectacle. Form leaves from a ceremony to ensure the success a rice harvest. The different villages compete to each other. An ideal exit for the children


To mount in banana she is one ventures very exciting, mainly for smaller. He is very frequent to see people practicing it



It can to find activities for all the pleasures: scaling, cycling, golf, snokel, diving, surfing, to mount to horse, etc…




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