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First that must do it is to put itself in contact with the embassy of Indonesia of its country to bring up to date itself of requirements on the visa

In order to enter Bali of tourism, Passport in vigor is needed, with date of lapsing nonsuperior to 6 months. and also it needs a Visa.

Data embassy of Indonesia in Spain:


C Agastia 65.
28043 Madrid.
District of Linear City.

Tel: 914130294

Fax: 914138994

Email: info@embajadadeindonesia.es


Currency exchange

Probably, the place more surely for interchange of money in Bali with good rates of Pt. Dirgahayu Valuta Cousin in the corner of Hauls Pantai and Jalan Legian. They they are guaranteed by the Bank of Indonesia. There is no necessity of to worry about being changed short, that they count the money in front of you and also it will give a receipt him.
Be careful of frauds directed by people whom they affirm to be “authorized interchangers of money” in Kuta, Bali. The rate that they offer is superior to the average one to make sure that attracting sufficient clients.

tariffs of offered currency exchange in the foreign exchange markets usually are better than in the banks; also they have better schedules and transactions are faster. Fíjese in the change tariffs announced outside of the stores. It always asks on the existence of commission before changing then some foreign exchange markets with tariffs better they receive commission.


In order to walk in the street, to visit temples, and other sacred places, remember to take to wear to clothes that not incomode like long trousers and batik.

Therefore, one is due to avoid to hurt local sensitivities, mainly with regard to the pudor in the scope vestimentario, to take a walk half-naked well is not seen.


It agrees to have a transformer in function of the zone. Have precaution before use household-electric. Some hotels offer adapters. Most of 220 hotels they use V, although still they are left sites to to 110 V. The plugs follow same norms that in Europe.


It is advisable when it is traveled to a foreign country to find out in his local hospital on the type of vaccines or medicines can need for its trip. This is more important when it is traveled to destinies tropical. If a hospital exists of tropical diseases close, one communicates with them before going to Indonesia.

He is recommendable that the travellers take medicines against stomach annoyances and an antihistamine cream tube or antimosquitos to get rid of the punctures and aspirin. If you are taking some medication you will have to take sufficient amount of her, together with the medical prescription. It is necessary to consider that the pharmacies are not so well assorted as in Europe.

Consider that its body is not customary to this type of food, spices and others. It can have slight annoyances eating in street or, eating in luxury restaurants. The best way of to avoid the upset stomach is to take a daily supplement from acidófilos (yogurt) and it adds jengibre fresh to its food or its you. Also drink only prepared water.


The Ministry of Outer Subjects recommends the Maxima precaution to the people who visit the country, mainly in places public and great hotels.

A risk associated exists to terrorism that it affects numerous destinies world-wide.

Balinesa people are of calm and pacific nature. In spite of it, the influence of the tourism has triggered the appearance of small thefts. He is preferable to close the luggage with key. In multitudes or in the transports public are due to have well-taken care of with pickpockets.

local fauna she is not dangerous, although it must have well-taken care of with the serpents, do not forget that we are in a tropical zone.

In summary

Drink prepared water.

No drink water of the faucet, not even in the luxurious hotels.

Taken care of with the zones in which it bathes, the currents can be very strong and dangerous

Offer his hand when saluting. This is common for men and women. A smile always aid.

No use its left hand to give or to receive; this is of bad education. Consider that the left hand is the one that is used stops to go bathroom

No then this indicates to nothing using the foot also is of very bad education.

Note that the haggling is a tradition in trade relations. 

Do not forget to take your passport or a photocopy of their identification at all times.

Do not touch anyone's head - this is very offensive in Indonesia. Touching the head of a child is highly frowned upon.







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