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  Indonesia it has one of the amplest kitchens of the world. Bali does not remain back, it will be able to find manifold possibilities, from more luxurious restaurants, until a humble position of highway.

The balinesa kitchen receives influences worldwide, but its main element is the rice, boiled or to steam. The prepared ones of chicken, duck, meat of pig are famous, everything type of seafood and vegetable. The flavors are unmistakable, using one multitude of flavors: garlic, jenjibre, saffron, basil, pepper, grass of lemon, moscada nut. etc. The balinesa kitchen tour around the spices, using often the Coco milk, that adds a rich flavor and cremosa texture to vegetable plates, meat and fish.

Normally usually one uses a plate as rice of first, followed of a small four or three portion vegetable plates or meat, known like lauk, which they place in center of the table for all can them to share.


Most of plates use accompanied as a called sauce sambal, done with chili to red the alive one.

But the adventurous ones can delight yet type of food of the positions and coffees. They can to prove pisang pisses-goreng (frituras bananas), lumpia (fried roll of spring), bakso (meatball soup). Lawar it is a specialty of Bali, made up of pricked meat of pig, the Coco and spices.

It does not forget to prove bubur injin , it is a dessert that will not forget.

satay he is one of plates more typical. Thorns of meat of lamb or chicken, with sauce of peanuts. It takes sauce of soybean, juice of Lima, peanuts, garlic, curry, honey, etc…

nasi goreng with chicken and prawns are an excellent combination. It is always accompanied by one little of sambal sauce olek, to be able to give to the sharp touch that each one want

tupat it is a appetizer, is rice cooked in leaves of the Coco.

If you are a lover of the fruit, no he will forget his stay in Bali, since he will be able to find fruits that never he had imagined. duriam, it is the fruit par excellence of Bali, is characterized by its strong scent. Take well-taken care of that to eat too much it can produce a slight stomach ache to him. Also it can enjoy another type of fruits like the handle, papaya, fragmentation hand grenade, melons, etc…

By the way, it remembers no to eat duriam if it drinks alcohol, is one mezlca not very advisable.

When it is going to choose where to eat, it must distinguish between rumah mankan (house to eat), or warung that is a food position, more informal but where it can to find a great variety of plates, mainly different types from sandwiches.

Naughty Nuri' s it is better barbecue of Bali. The premises are point of meeting for the foreigners who reside in the zone of Ubud. Also you have fresh tuna every Thursday, very good hamburgers and some local curries and the classic thorns satay. Con platos principales que van desde 1€. But information in Restaurants

With with respect to drinks, the juices of fruits, you are typical indonesio and the coffee is quite good, as well as the beer and the wine of Bali rice Brem.

Him we recommended to drink prepared, to avoid situations disagreeable. In the luxurious hotels it even must take prepared water solely.





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